Gaming Hardware, Streaming and Preferences

Welcome to the article where we look at the companies in the gaming hardware, game streaming sectors and evaluate the preferences.
The gaming world continues to develop in terms of hardware and software every day. Game Streaming services are also gaining popularity. Gaming sector, which is already making good gains with the increase in time spent at home, has increased the gears for its momentum. Every day we hear about a seed investment news about the gaming world. Giants purchase new game startups. Let’s take a look at gaming pc, game console, online game streaming companies together and focus on preferences.

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Gaming prefences

Gaming PC

The gaming experience that came into our lives years ago with the combination of case+monitor. Sector has diversified in terms of game hardware today. As a result many brands now serves player-specific sub-brands or direct player-specific companies.

When we look at HP, it is in this sector with its OMEN sub-brand.
Asus operates in this area with the ROG series, short for Republic of Gamers.
Under Dell, the Alienware brand appeals to gamers.
Lenovo also appeals to the gaming industry under the Legion brand.
Casper is in the sector with Excalibur brand.
MSI company is in the sector with several different series.
Monster, on the other hand, positions itself as a gaming computer as a Turkish company.

Gaming Consoles

Sony Gaming Hardwares

Sony has been producing products and services for people’s entertainment and electronics needs in different sectors for years. It is among the brands that have spread Japan’s reputation all over the world. Today, it appears with Sony Pictures entertainment brand in the film industry. Sony Music Entertainment in the music industry and Sony Interactive Entertainment in game production. These companies are related to the content part. In addition, there is a parent company produces electronic products that will consume these contents. It is also a leading company in many fields in the electronics section. It makes very high quality devices in the field of sound systems and television. Playstation rules gaming hardware sectors side to side with Microsoft. you can review the products and services at this address.


Gaming consoles at Sony are one of the most successful areas of the company. With Playstation brand managed to become a brand that has been driving gamers for years. In doing so, they were not only interested in hardware. They made a 360 degree ecosystem. With its studios that release AAA-quality games, Playstation attracted many players. Due to the pandemic, demand for gaming systems peaked. On the production side, companies experienced problems in the supply chain. Therefore, after years of good performance with the Playstation 4, they are unable to keep up with the demands of the market with the Playstation 5.

Playstation Plus

It is a subscription service created by Sony for Playstion. Each month, you are entitled to 2 or 3 special games for that month, online game modes, and exclusive discounts to PSN members. You can have it with prices such as 240 liras for 12 months, 100 liras for 3 months and 40 liras per month in Turkey.

Microsoft Gaming Hardware


As an IT company, Microsoft has tried to expand its software journey that began with Windows into every technological space it can touch. The Xbox ecosystem has also been one of the best reflections of this. At this point, on the game hardware side, the console has very powerful gaming hardware like Series x. Series s and one x try to appeal to every pouch. Although prices are high in the conditions of our country Turkey, price performance is good. It allows you to play recent games less cost than buying a gaming PC.


Microsoft not only provides gaming hardware, but it also provides game service with gamepass. With the Gamepass platform, it provides onboarding services to new games and does some kind of retention work. It allows the customer to experience the game for certain periods of time. Also offering people the opportunity to get it at a discount with a gamepass discount. Beyond these it allocates resources to gaming companies from this subscription system as long as it is inside. It has a growing catalog by incorporating platforms such as Eaplay.

Microsoft has gaming studios and buying new game studios. Recently bought Beatshade for as much as $7.5 billion and immediately added games to its gamepass catalog permanently. Their own game studios already have very good games. Let’s count a few of these. It has AAA quality games such as Forza series, Minecraft, Gears of War, Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Nintendo Gaming Hardware


Nintendo started the world of entertainment with cards in 1889. The company, which has managed to become the first company that comes to mind when it comes to consoles in its long-term life in gaming hardware. It has managed to improve itself over the years and put its name on the list of best-selling consoles. Switch has a mixed structure console, you can play in handheld mode or connected to a TV. It has self-produced hit games such as Super Mario, Zelda, while hundreds of games from outside game studios are open to this platform.

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch is an online subscription service created to play games online. You can also access some of the games in the Nintendo ecosystem. And also you can play old generation games.

Online game streaming service

Nvdia Geforce Now

Geforce Now is a subscription-based online game streaming access platform by Nvdia. Nvdia decided to take part in this world online after years of gaming hardware production. In this structure, it does not provide access to games. In fact, access to the hardware that will play the games is provided. At an average speed of 25 mbps, it is able to play full hd games in full detail on the Internet. It’s just a computer to use as a terminal. Limited access is available on Steam, epic, uplay. In Turkey, it has signed with Turkcell and provides services through a site called Gameplus. For starters, the three-month package is 149.70 TL and the monthly package is 74.90 TL.

Google Stadia

Google has many online services. It didn’t distance itself from the online game streaming experience. Company wanted to get a slice of the cake. There is currently no access to this service in our country. At 10 mbit, it streams games to you regardless of hardware.


It’s part of Microsoft’s effort to make the Xbox ecosystem available online. It has not yet been made available in our country. Microsoft has now moved out of the era of closed ecosystems. Microsoft chose the way to touch customers and get more contact. From here, it’ll get a nice slice of the cake with its portfolio of games.

Gaming Preferences

In terms of price performance, the console, computer and online environments, eveyone can choose different ways. It’s all about meeting personal expectations. If you want to play games from Playstation Studios, you will turn to Playsation. If you want to reach hundreds of games with the Gamepass structure, you will turn to PC or Xbox series consoles. Do you like Super Mario and Nintendo games, than you should choose Switch. If you say you’re going to be a cloud player regardless of hardware, you need to move on with the Geforcenow platform, Xcloud or Stadia. The initial investment costs of each gaming harware and the continuity costs for you to continue afterwards are completely different. You on one side of the scale and your preferences on the other. It’s up to you to make your choice properly and capture the price performance.



J Apr 2021


Ekrem Duman

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