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Blokchain has been a great ecosystem for a wor, which is in everyone’s mouth, which has little history, many people are curious, trying to become an expert, trying to turn the corner shortly with crypto currency, trying to create benefits with technology, blockchain. Billions of dollars have come out of centralist banking systems around the world and are moving around in these smart contracts. Let’s get to know this world well with a series of articles. This series of articles will be a series of articles with social flow, not static. In tanting this world, we will learn and share your experiences and opinions together using social media as much as possible. Let’s get on with it. My writing will be like a conversation, and I’ll tell you why in the future.

This term, which is translated in our language with the meaning of direct spelling in the form of blockchain, seems to touch many points in our lives. Let’s dig a little deeper instead of ordinary narratives. In the past, innovations were so limited that the events of the two centuries were characterised as the genius of the century. Now our pace of renewal and change is so high that even ten years is a long time to become obsolete in many subjects. In the changes we experience quickly, there are technologies that evolve by touching lives. Let’s refresh our memories, let those who don’t know learn; Let’s start with the basics

Network structure-Peer to Peer

As the internet spread and accelerated, media consumption spread rapidly. Piles of what we call big data are starting to form. There was a need for data downloads by gbs, governments trying to enact deterrent laws to protect data owners’ copyrights. So those who don’t want to walk in the snow in the middle of all this and track them down, i.e. those who want to consume pirated media, have started to create P2P (Peer to Peer-to-Person) networks to get behind it. Media were disintegrated from networked computers and became a whole on the computer of the last downloader. The first infrastructure of the peer to peer block chain network structure was thus discarded as it is best known.

Big Data

As the Internet accelerated, so did the data. It’s also hard to keep their accounting, i.e. a record. Big data leaks were encountered. It became difficult to determine the accuracy of a data, whether it had been altered. Here, the foundation stones of the structure, which is not a cure for every trouble but which is the cure for these problems, have been thrown. The robustness of the data was extracted and a large cryptographic network structure was created. It’s called blockchain. Who invented the blockchain? In this question, here is a question that never ends. His nickname is Satoshi Nakamoto. My guess is that when the system itself was anonymous, when the system was branched out and trimmed, the claimants were unable to prove it. But according to recent reports, Craig Wright seems to be alleged; Link to the news: https://www.bbc.com/turkce/haberler/2016/05/160502_bitcoin_craig_wright Do you think Satoshi alone designed the blockchain? Or is it a bigger team effort?


J Aug 2019


Ekrem Duman

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