What is a Freelancer?

In this article we will look to what is a freelancer, advantages and disadvanages of freelance job, how to find a freelance job, tips for finding a freelance job.

The word “freelance” means “free work”. Freelance work means working independently from an employer, without an office environment and fixed working hours. In freelance work, the person is free to determine their own work schedule, and they deliver their work on time by making their own plan.

what is freelancer
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what is freelancer

What Can You Do as a Freelancer?

Many people are moving away from the office structure of going to work in the morning and coming back in the evening and becoming a service and external job provider. Let’s examine which professions are suitable for this.

  • Online Training / Consulting: You can achieve your freelance work dream by being an online instructor on many platforms. With the pandemic, the online education sector has gained an incredible momentum.
  • Graphic Design: Graphic design is one of the professions that can be done both in the office and independently. You need to be able to use some graphic programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Corel Draw well to do this profession.
  • Software Development: Software development is one of the essential professions of the digital world. You need to be proficient in programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++ in order to do software development. Thus, you can do this profession freelance.
  • Content Writing: Advertising, magazine, and content writing has become a profession that is often needed today. As brands move rapidly to the digital world, the need for digital content creators is also increasing. Due to the need for quality content writers, a new profession has been added to the freelance professions, namely digital content writing.
  • Translation: There is always a need for foreign language. However, professional competence is important in some areas. You can provide the desired translations within the specified period by doing freelance translation. Especially if you know more than one foreign language, the number of jobs you get may increase accordingly.
  • Social Media Expertise: Social media expertise has become one of the professions that are often needed in recent years. You can also generate income by doing freelance work, as well as managing corporate social media in the office as an employee of a company. Being able to use programs such as Photoshop is required for this profession in order to attract the attention of users with visual content.
  • Accounting: Accounting is an area that every company needs. Thanks to the development of digital programs, accounting experts can now continue their work as freelance. While providing accounting services to different companies remotely, you can only provide face-to-face meetings when necessary.
  • Psychology Services: Being able to provide online psychologist services.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of freelance work?

What Are the Advantages of Freelance Work?

  • Flexible work hours: Freelance workers have the freedom to determine their own working hours. They can work earlier or later in the day, or take breaks throughout the day.
  • No office commute: Freelance workers don’t have to commute to an office, which saves them time and money.
  • More flexibility: Freelance workers can work from anywhere in the world, which gives them the freedom to travel or work from home.
  • More control over their work: Freelance workers have more control over their work, including what they work on, how they work, and who they work with.
  • Potential to earn more money: Freelance workers can earn more money than they would in a traditional job, especially if they are skilled in a high-demand field.

What Are the Disadvantages of Freelance Work?

  • Uncertainty: Freelance work can be uncertain, as there is no guarantee of a steady income.
  • Lack of benefits: Freelance workers may not be eligible for benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans.
  • Self-discipline: Freelance workers need to be self-disciplined to manage their time and work effectively.
  • Isolation: Freelance workers can feel isolated from others, as they may not be working in a traditional office setting.

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How to Find a Freelance Job

Freelance work is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Freelance workers can work without being tied to an employer, setting their own working hours and work environments.

Finding a freelance job may seem difficult at first. However, you can find the job you want by following the right steps.

Here are some tips for finding a freelance job:

  1. Identify your skills

The first thing you need to do to work freelance is to determine what you can do and what skills you have. Are you a good writer, an expert in web design, or good at digital marketing? Identify your skills and develop them in these areas.

  1. Research the market

Freelancers can find their jobs from various platforms or by connecting directly with employers. Research different freelance platforms and learn what kind of jobs are available.

  1. Create your profile

To work freelance, you need to create a profile that presents yourself well. Create a portfolio by adding your skills, experience, and previous work to your profile. Your portfolio is the best way for employers to get to know you.

  1. Get projects

To start getting projects while working freelance, you can use freelance job search sites or contact employers directly. Employers often ask for references about the work you have done before. Therefore, keep your previous work and your customers’ references.

  1. Complete projects

While completing projects, keep in constant communication with employers and deliver your work on time. When you complete your work to the satisfaction of the employer, they will leave you a positive feedback. Positive feedback can lead to new jobs and references.

  1. Set your pricing

Consider the quality of the work you do, the project duration, your level of experience, and the market when setting your pricing. Your pricing is an important factor for employers.

  1. Build customer relationships

It is very important to build good relationships with your customers while working freelance. Try to understand your customers’ expectations, and do quality work on time. Good customer relationships can lead to new jobs and references.

By following these tips, you can find the freelance job you want..


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