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J Nov 2019


Ekrem Duman

If you’re having trouble having space on your computer or mobile phone, it’s a good idea to read my blog. When you say pictures, office application files, there’s no room for setting up a new app. We’ll focus on a few different cloud storage solutions and features.

Solution 1:Google Photos

Google Photos Logo

Back up to 16MP and 1080p HD photos and videos unlimited and free of charge. You can access these photos and videos from any phone, tablet, or computer by going to you can store up to 15gb of free photos and videos in their original form with google drive integration.

Google Photo example

In addition to free storage, Google’s technological infrastructure is also evident here. If you want to see photos taken in the sea view thanks to advanced search, just type the sea instead of the call. He already sorts photos by person and gives you access to whoever you want in your archive. It allows you to reach your desired date quickly with the timeline. The google assistant can also prepare beautiful surprises from your memories by adding music to collages itself. It’s a nice alternative that you get a chance to edit photos.

You can access it on the web, tablet and mobile.

Solution 2:Google Drive

Google Drive Logo

Google Drive is a file backup solution. two versions are available; individually and commercially.

Drive versions

You can access the product from both the computer and the mobile app. All your files are always at hand and are easy to share, providing great comfort. At the same time, you’re getting cloud redundancy, so you’re not worried about anything coming to your hardware.

One of my favorite features is that you can easily share large files. You can only share a file of gb size by giving a link. If you want to share, as anyone can see it, or the people you authorize your email to see.

Solution 3:One Drive

Microsoft’s cloud storage solution One Drive is a solution that you can buy as a separate service, which is sold in packages along with Microsoft Office applications.

One Drive Individual

One drive offers 5gb of free membership, while 100gb costs USD 1.99 per month. When taken with Microsoft office products, you can achieve a greater volume, more economical and space-

One drive individual plans

Many universities collaborate with Microsoft to get their students to use microsoft products for free, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity if you are a student. Considering that there are 2.7 million Anatolian university students (including open education) in our country, it is necessary to take advantage of these opportunities provided by universities. You can also gain the advantage of many online memberships with your edu mail address.

Solution 4:Box

Box, which comes across as a content management application. In this business, he emphasizes himself with his solutions for the business world. For companies that generate large amounts of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning extracts data from your data so that you can sort it out of your data.

Box capabilities

It also has a product for workflow and process automation.

The price tariff is as on this table in the individual:

Box individual plan

The business plan is as follows:

Box business plan

Link for more detailed pricing:

Solution 5:Amazon Drive

Amazon has now established a large internet ecosystem, one of the largest storage providers in the internet world. Prime membership offers many services under the umbrella of reaching many people. With prime membership only, it provides unlimited storage for your photos and 5gb of space for videos. Other paid memberships include:

Solution 6:Mega

Megaupload is the company that continues to store under the name mega after the old initiative. Since new Zealand is also resident, .nz uses the domain name. It offers 50gb of free storage.

mega storage page

Solution 7:Lifebox

Turkcell is creating a service economy by developing its services as operators. Lifebox is one of those services. Although it defines a free package of 5GB standard to its users. We see that other foreign technology giants add features as well as extra features. When you look at the price plans, more advantageous prices are observed. You can’t see membership packages without being a member.

Lifecell price plan!/welcome

As well as companies offering them as stand-up services, it’s up to you to find the most useful in cloud storage solutions that are offered as a side service in an ecosystem.

I hope you like my writing on cloud storage solutions. By sharing the article, you can enable more people to benefit from the information. See you in my other writings.

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