Top 10 Ways to Attract Investors to Your Company

Now that you’ve finally got your business plan , you’re ready to start bringing in investors, right? Well, not so fast! First, make sure you know how to attract investors to your company so you can start adding value to the world and taking your business to the next level. Here are 10 tips for attracting investors that will help get your business off the ground and growing faster than ever.

1) Set up an email address and social media accounts dedicated to investors

As a business owner, one of the first things you should do is set up an email address specifically for investors. This will help you keep your conversations organized and provide a clear view of all the people who want to get involved in your company. However, this email address should be kept separate from any other business-related emails so that your potential investors are getting only relevant information from you.
Some companies also find it helpful to maintain an active social media presence, as this allows potential investors who might not otherwise have found out about you the chance to learn more about what’s going on in your company and how you’re doing.

2) Follow investors on social media

Investors often share their thoughts and ideas on social media, so following them can be a good way to get an insider’s perspective on the markets and trends. By observing what they post, you can also discover which types of companies may have interest in your products or services. And lastly, it will keep you updated on any pertinent news about the investor that may be relevant to your business.

3) Decide on the best times to reach out

  1. It’s important to reach out when you’re starting a new company and looking for a financial partner. Tapping your friends and family is great, but they will eventually stop investing in your business when it grows past the family business stage.
  2. It’s important to find potential investors early on in the process so that if you need an investment, there are plenty of people interested in funding your project.
  3. Don’t be scared or intimated by large investors, remember that they often invest in start-ups because they want something new and exciting. Just be sure to keep an open mind about their suggestions and make any necessary changes for the best outcome for your company.
  4. Keep up with trends!

4) Give potential investors access to key resources

Investors will want your company to succeed because they’re often looking for a specific thing that you offer. Therefore, take advantage of your unique value proposition and highlight it in everything you do. Help them understand how much their investment can yield for them and more importantly for them, the world. Show them where they can go on your website or in the next section on the potential market size so they know their initial investment will pay off many times over in revenues.

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5) Send information before meeting in person

-Don’t waste time with prospects who are not in the same industry and stage of growth. Spend that valuable time with someone who can help you reach your goals.
-Be ready for anything when meeting investors, including getting asked Are you sure? or How much money do you need?
-We all know how difficult it is to get a meeting in Silicon Valley–you need a compelling story and be persistent!

6) Develop a short pitch that includes both your idea and team’s background

A simple framework for structuring a short pitch: introduction, what it is and how it works, why the problem is important; solution and vision; team, progress and where you are going.

7) Prepare unique ways of showing how you stand out from competitors

First and foremost, the investor relations team must show that the company is different in some way. It should highlight the unique strengths and benefits of investing in this company. Show why the company is a better investment over others like it.
This means demonstrating high-quality business skills, effective marketing strategies, innovative products, credible leadership and more. Once investors are convinced of these points, they will feel comfortable committing their money to your company’s cause.

8) Review it. Have someone else review it. Repeat.

Contact an established investor. If you can get an introduction to someone who is active in the company, these meetings will often be fruitful. Remember that they receive dozens of pitches a day, so you need to get your point across quickly and concisely if they’re going to take the time out of their day for you. Avoid spending too much time with introductions – we recommend just three minutes total per introduction unless there’s more than one person at the meeting. Getting an intro is not a long-term solution, but it could lead you to a partner down the line or could yield an investment when combined with other activities described here or on another sheet.

9) Reach out regularly after initial contact

Following up on your initial contact with an investor can be critical. It takes some time and effort, but following up lets the investor know that you are both interested in them and invested in the success of your startup. Plus, it never hurts to have a well-known investor attached!

10) Close your deal, if possible

Close your deal, if possible: The best investor relations strategy is to get the investors on board.

How to determine product pricing?

Pricing is an often-misunderstood term in business, but it’s critical to understand how it works. First and foremost, price is the amount of money a customer will pay for your product or service when they purchase it. You should always know what your product or service costs you to make, and then add whatever profit margin you determine appropriate. This can be tricky to do, especially if you’re just starting out in business, so we’ve created this guide to show you how to determine your product’s price in the most logical and effective way possible.

Defining product pricing

Pricing a product can be difficult, but knowing the basics can help you determine what the best price point might be. One important factor when determining your price point is who your audience will be. Are they millennial consumers or luxury buyers? Another important factor to consider is how much competition you have for similar products in your industry. For example, if there are few competitors with prices in the same ballpark as yours, consider raising your price as a way of differentiating yourself from the pack. When setting pricing, it’s important to consider where you want your business or brand to fit in the marketplace.

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Pricing as a percentage

One way to determine your price is by finding out what percentage of the final sale price each product takes. For example, if you sell kitchen items and dish soap, both cost five dollars but take up different percentages of the final sale price. With a dish soap, it will be about 5% but with a kitchen item it would be closer to 50%. If you are trying to determine what should be the base cost of your product, the best thing you can do is research and compare similar products on average prices so that you know what people are willing for it for pay for a similar product.
Another way to determine your price is by simply calculating how much money you need per dollar profit in order to stay in business.

Pricing with quality in mind

A product has two fundamental aspects that define its price: quality and scarcity. High-quality products with a low supply are expensive. In contrast, an inexpensive low-quality product is available in large quantities. Products for which the cost of production doesn’t exceed the anticipated selling price can be considered as a commodity. Pricing this type of product is done by estimating market demand and adjusting accordingly.

Defining value and the perception of value

If you’ve done your research and believe you have a product that meets the needs of your target market, you should now consider the price. You may want to set the starting price of your product lower than you anticipate it will be. Why? Because many people won’t buy a product they are not sure they can afford or do not want to spend their hard-earned money on something they are unsure about. Starting with a low introductory price will help potential customers become comfortable with your brand and products so that once the customer trusts your business and believes in what you have to offer, she/he will also be more willing and able to pay a higher amount for subsequent purchases. Once people start trusting your company, it becomes much easier to increase prices without risking any substantial drop in sales volumes.

Pricing your product

How you price your product will depend on many factors: What type of company you are running, the features of your product, customer demand, the economy and much more.
This process can be a little complicated, but there are some general guidelines that most people follow. These include making a profit and creating an attractive offer for your customers. Once you have figured out how much profit your business needs to make, this should affect how high or low your prices are set.

Pricing new vs established products

Pricing a new product can be quite tricky as there is little information about the product on the market, making it difficult to determine the value of your own. Established products are more straight forward as the industry often has standard price points for these types of items. The key difference between pricing a new and established product, in terms of profit margins, is that you will likely experience higher sales volume with an established product due to less competition from other manufacturers or distributors. This means your cost per item might be slightly higher but you should make up for this in volume sold. Keep in mind that industry standards also play into pricing, so research what similar companies charge before setting your prices too high or too low based on other factors like supply chain and manufacturing costs.

Price guides – how much do competitors charge?

To determine your product’s price, it helps to start by looking at how much competitors charge for the same type of product. You can also see what the market currently accepts as a standard and then adjust accordingly. Doing so will ensure that you’re pricing your product correctly, taking into account both quality and demand.
While doing research is important, know that there are no set rules on pricing. What makes sense for one person might not make sense for another. Try different prices until you find what works best for you, but remember that you won’t find out if something isn’t right unless you try it out first!

When to raise prices

If the cost of your materials, labor, and shipping have increased since you started your business, then it may be time to increase the price of your products. Even if that happens, it’s important not to adjust too quickly or drastically; you don’t want customers to feel as though their money isn’t worth as much. If you do need to raise prices gradually for a more sustainable increase in profit, mention these increases in advance with an email or social media post so customers know what they’re getting into when they make a purchase.

When should I change my pricing?

Your pricing should change as your business evolves. For example, if you have been selling a product for $10 for five years and have an innovative idea that might revolutionize the market, it would be wise to re-evaluate your pricing. If the new idea would generate more profit than continuing with the old product, it could make sense to drop the old one and focus on marketing this new one.

Subscription services – monthly, annual or both?

Monthly pricing requires a customer to pay every month and can sometimes feel pricey or take away the excitement of getting a new product. Annual pricing, on the other hand, gives customers the chance to use products for a longer period of time but at an increased monthly rate. Companies like Adobe provide annual plans that are cheaper per month than paying for monthly payments and this plan also includes updates with their software, saving on any additional updates. Since subscription services are convenient for both companies and consumers, it helps justify higher prices because people do not have to worry about purchasing every month. For example, Spotify provides all its music for $10 per month as opposed to buying songs individually from iTunes which could cost up to $1 each.

6 Hidden Tools You Need to Know About Facebook Marketing

If you’re new to Facebook marketing, it can be hard to know where to start. Between paid advertising and creating engaging content, there are a lot of options to choose from – but not all of them are equally effective or necessary. To help you get started with your Facebook marketing strategy, here are six hidden tools that can boost your results and save you time along the way.

1)Unfollow people who don’t follow you back

Here’s the most underrated tool on Facebook that only power users know about. Most people don’t know it exists, but you can use this feature by going to Tools in the drop-down menu next to your profile name, and choosing Followers. When you get there, you’ll see a list of every person who is following you (this list will be empty if nobody follows you). And next to each name is an unfollow button.

2) Boost posts before they go live

One of the latest hidden gems for facebook marketing is Facebook Boosts, which allows you to pay a small fee (starting at $5) in order to have your post go out on everyone’s newsfeed. The more posts you boost and the bigger the boost amount, the more Facebook’s algorithm will learn about your business and help it gain traction.

3) Run an event on Facebook

The first step is uploading an event image, which will appear in the Events and Birthdays section of your profile for friends to see. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, so you want to make sure you use a relevant event picture that gets people interested. For example, this holiday season I created an event page and used a photo of one of my packages I was sending out as the background image. The next step is choosing the location for your event on Facebook. The easiest way is adding it as an address when setting up your Page instead of going through their separate Events page.

4) Use Audience Insights

Most marketers know that Facebook offers advanced targeting options for advertising campaigns, but not everyone is familiar with some of the lesser-known features. With just a few simple changes, you can add a ton of valuable data to your marketing strategy. Audience Insights are one of those features; and by connecting your ads to this tool, you can learn all sorts of information about the people who visit your page and connect with your content. It will show you demographic details such as age, gender, location, language preference and more. It will also show you how many people have interacted with your posts on an hourly basis over the past 28 days.

5) Use Data Dashboard:

Another helpful feature that most advertisers don’t know about is the Data Dashboard. The dashboard helps track which posts on your timeline were liked or commented on most often so you can get a better sense of what resonates best with your audience members (and it does it in real time). Plus, using this tool gives you access to detailed demographic info like job title and industry so you’ll be able to see which industry groups are interacting with your posts most often and what types of industries they work in.

6) Check out what’s happening in your News Feed:

You may think you know everything there is to know about Facebook and its hidden tools, but did you know that there’s actually a News Feed tab? If you click this tab, it’ll bring up every post from across the network from news articles to political debates to pictures of cats – organized into various topics. Once you’re viewing these different topics, scroll down through them until you find something that interests you then click on See More below the post to follow along with any related discussions taking place. Preview Related Posts Before Posting: To ensure that each post has maximum impact on followers’ News Feeds and gets lots of likes/comments/shares, make sure to preview related posts before posting.

Facebook marketing quick tips

  • Facebook Pages Manager helps you schedule posts, track reach and message subscribers from one place.
  • With Live Events on Facebook, it’s easier than ever to share photos and videos from your business in real time. –
  • Reach more people with the new Sponsored Ads feature which makes it easy to promote your business, promote a post or find new followers.
  • The most exciting new tool is Reactions; Facebook users can now react to any post by tapping the Like button, plus choose from four additional emotions (Love, Haha, Wow and Sad).

Residency types in Turkiye

Lets look at residency types and Income Tax in Turkiye. We are looking at legislation by 2022.

What are residency types and rules in Turkiye?

Individuals who are resident in Turkiye (full liability taxpayers) are subject to tax on their worldwide income.

Nonresidents (limited liability taxpayers) are taxed only on earnings and revenues derived in Turkiye.

Residents include individuals with legal permanent residence in Turkiye and those who reside in Turkiye for more than six months during one calendar year. Temporary absence does not interrupt the continuity of residence in Turkey.

The civil law defines residency as an “intention to settle down permanently.” The law does not specify any objective criteria for
the determination of residency.

What are residency exeptions?

An exception to the six-month rule described above applies to expatriates such as businesspersons, scientists, experts, employees of governments or journalists who come to Turkiye to perform temporary and predefined work as well as those who have arrived for the purpose of education, medical treatment, rest and travel. Such persons are considered to be nonresidents even if they stay in Turkiye longer than six months in a calendar year.

2022 HR agenda for the business world

In this article, we will examine the issues that should be included in the 2022 HR agenda of the business world for 2022. It seems that 2022 will continue to be a year in which the effects of the pandemic will still continue. We are going through a period in which there are significant increases in supply chains and raw material costs.

Inflation rates all over the world began to increase compared to previous years. Under these conditions, let’s examine the 2022 HR agendas of companies under the following items.

1. Business and working model

Companies should continue to make their business and working models independent of space as much as opportunities allow. Continuity and sustainability will continue to be the most important concepts of companies on the agenda.

2. HR and digitalization

The technological infrastructure of companies will continue to occupy an important place in the HR agenda. In the digitalization roadmap, reaching the capacities that will allow employees to do business from anywhere and transferring their processes to digital will continue to be on the agenda. Of course, this whole digitalization adventure is not something that happens by itself. It is very important to create qualified personnel to make the right investment, right purchase and transactions. There are many projects that have been started and remain idle.

3. Goverment regulations

Government regulations that require close monitoring will continue to have an important place. Titles such as incentives, working conditions regulations, occupational health and safety will continue to be followed closely.

4. Salary determination

Rapid increases in inflation will quickly change the equations in the labor market. It will be difficult to retain qualified personnel. Personnel who cannot achieve the expected salary increase in the same place will try to change jobs. An active year awaits HR departments. Strategies that have not been developed before should be tried on many issues such as employee loyalty, training, preservation of corporate memory, and new personnel recruitment costs.

5. Management of fringe benefits

The management of rights such as meal card arrangements, roadside assistance, BES, life insurance, private health insurance and company vehicles will continue to occupy an important place in the HR agenda. Managing strategic tools is crucial to retaining existing staff and attracting new recruits.

You can also review our article on human resources management in the link.

Earning Money with WordPress

In this article we will look into earning money with WordPress topic.

WordPress was a simple blogging platform when it first came out. It helped you do simple blogs on the internet without the need for coding knowledge. It is now one of the only environments for making money online.

Over time, the platform developed itself. It now powers 30% of websites from e-commerce sites to the sites of major publishers. The structure, which has become a large ecosystem with themes and plugins, provides great support for people to design websites without the need for coding knowledge.

How to earn money with WordPress

Making money blogging with WordPress is not an easy task. It requires strict discipline. You need to identify a specific niche area and separate yourself. In search engines like Google, you naturally have to put a lot of effort into catching up.

Although there are many ways to create a business using the WordPress platform, the easiest way for most people to start making money online with a WordPress blog:

1. Create Valuable Content

Valuable content is content that people like to read. It should reflect to the person what he does not know about a useful knowledge or subjects of interest to a person.

Valuable content is usually fun, educational, or both. The contents of “Listing method” and “How to?” are the most popular types.

You’ve been mixed up with 10 most popular song genres, 10 leadership books to read, etc.-style blog-style posts.

“How to” articles are a little more descriptive. How do babies sleep better at night?”, “How to succeed at work”, and content that corresponds directly to people’s direct questions in search engines in very niche areas is included in this group.

After you create some content, you need to make adjustments to get traffic to your website. Let’s look at this in the next chapter.

2. Get Traffic to Your Content

Traffic only refers to people who visit your website. Let’s review five ways to get traffic to your WordPress-powered site.

3.Adsense and Affliate Marketing

Make money from this traffic with AdSense ads or affiliate marketing.

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your WordPress Site

1. Search engine optimization

“Seo” search engine optimization is a search engine optimization in English. This is where search engines will list your article on search results pages. For listing on the first page, you should edit the articles, keeping in mind a series of algorithms. There can be constant changes in these things. When you learn the art of this, your writing will take its place at the forefront.

2. Commenting on forums

If you’re commenting on and commenting helpfully on forums about your topic, you can usually put a link to the relevant content in your signature. This is one of the really good methods. You’ll be surprised how much traffic you can get with forum marketing.

3. Using the power of social media

Share that your posts are published by sharing visual portions of the content you create or by making separate designs for social media. Sometimes empower your social media by posting directly. Content that may go viral will grow organically on your site.

4. Guest post

This is where you write for free for other contact sites. That seems like a lot of work. However, if you can get into a site with a lot of traffic, it can lead to an influx of traffic and a steady amount of traffic over time when the guest post goes live.

When you reference articles you write on other sites, you are more likely to receive traffic. Join a network of bloggers in the internet world. It’s not all about the mo

We hope you enjoyed our earning money with WordPress blog page.

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Gaming Hardware, Streaming and Preferences

Welcome to the article where we look at the companies in the gaming hardware, game streaming sectors and evaluate the preferences.
The gaming world continues to develop in terms of hardware and software every day. Game Streaming services are also gaining popularity. Gaming sector, which is already making good gains with the increase in time spent at home, has increased the gears for its momentum. Every day we hear about a seed investment news about the gaming world. Giants purchase new game startups. Let’s take a look at gaming pc, game console, online game streaming companies together and focus on preferences.

Gaming prefences

Gaming PC

The gaming experience that came into our lives years ago with the combination of case+monitor. Sector has diversified in terms of game hardware today. As a result many brands now serves player-specific sub-brands or direct player-specific companies.

When we look at HP, it is in this sector with its OMEN sub-brand.
Asus operates in this area with the ROG series, short for Republic of Gamers.
Under Dell, the Alienware brand appeals to gamers.
Lenovo also appeals to the gaming industry under the Legion brand.
Casper is in the sector with Excalibur brand.
MSI company is in the sector with several different series.
Monster, on the other hand, positions itself as a gaming computer as a Turkish company.

Gaming Consoles

Sony Gaming Hardwares

Sony has been producing products and services for people’s entertainment and electronics needs in different sectors for years. It is among the brands that have spread Japan’s reputation all over the world. Today, it appears with Sony Pictures entertainment brand in the film industry. Sony Music Entertainment in the music industry and Sony Interactive Entertainment in game production. These companies are related to the content part. In addition, there is a parent company produces electronic products that will consume these contents. It is also a leading company in many fields in the electronics section. It makes very high quality devices in the field of sound systems and television. Playstation rules gaming hardware sectors side to side with Microsoft. you can review the products and services at this address.


Gaming consoles at Sony are one of the most successful areas of the company. With Playstation brand managed to become a brand that has been driving gamers for years. In doing so, they were not only interested in hardware. They made a 360 degree ecosystem. With its studios that release AAA-quality games, Playstation attracted many players. Due to the pandemic, demand for gaming systems peaked. On the production side, companies experienced problems in the supply chain. Therefore, after years of good performance with the Playstation 4, they are unable to keep up with the demands of the market with the Playstation 5.

Playstation Plus

It is a subscription service created by Sony for Playstion. Each month, you are entitled to 2 or 3 special games for that month, online game modes, and exclusive discounts to PSN members. You can have it with prices such as 240 liras for 12 months, 100 liras for 3 months and 40 liras per month in Turkey.

Microsoft Gaming Hardware


As an IT company, Microsoft has tried to expand its software journey that began with Windows into every technological space it can touch. The Xbox ecosystem has also been one of the best reflections of this. At this point, on the game hardware side, the console has very powerful gaming hardware like Series x. Series s and one x try to appeal to every pouch. Although prices are high in the conditions of our country Turkey, price performance is good. It allows you to play recent games less cost than buying a gaming PC.


Microsoft not only provides gaming hardware, but it also provides game service with gamepass. With the Gamepass platform, it provides onboarding services to new games and does some kind of retention work. It allows the customer to experience the game for certain periods of time. Also offering people the opportunity to get it at a discount with a gamepass discount. Beyond these it allocates resources to gaming companies from this subscription system as long as it is inside. It has a growing catalog by incorporating platforms such as Eaplay.

Microsoft has gaming studios and buying new game studios. Recently bought Beatshade for as much as $7.5 billion and immediately added games to its gamepass catalog permanently. Their own game studios already have very good games. Let’s count a few of these. It has AAA quality games such as Forza series, Minecraft, Gears of War, Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Nintendo Gaming Hardware


Nintendo started the world of entertainment with cards in 1889. The company, which has managed to become the first company that comes to mind when it comes to consoles in its long-term life in gaming hardware. It has managed to improve itself over the years and put its name on the list of best-selling consoles. Switch has a mixed structure console, you can play in handheld mode or connected to a TV. It has self-produced hit games such as Super Mario, Zelda, while hundreds of games from outside game studios are open to this platform.

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch is an online subscription service created to play games online. You can also access some of the games in the Nintendo ecosystem. And also you can play old generation games.

Online game streaming service

Nvdia Geforce Now

Geforce Now is a subscription-based online game streaming access platform by Nvdia. Nvdia decided to take part in this world online after years of gaming hardware production. In this structure, it does not provide access to games. In fact, access to the hardware that will play the games is provided. At an average speed of 25 mbps, it is able to play full hd games in full detail on the Internet. It’s just a computer to use as a terminal. Limited access is available on Steam, epic, uplay. In Turkey, it has signed with Turkcell and provides services through a site called Gameplus. For starters, the three-month package is 149.70 TL and the monthly package is 74.90 TL.

Google Stadia

Google has many online services. It didn’t distance itself from the online game streaming experience. Company wanted to get a slice of the cake. There is currently no access to this service in our country. At 10 mbit, it streams games to you regardless of hardware.


It’s part of Microsoft’s effort to make the Xbox ecosystem available online. It has not yet been made available in our country. Microsoft has now moved out of the era of closed ecosystems. Microsoft chose the way to touch customers and get more contact. From here, it’ll get a nice slice of the cake with its portfolio of games.

Gaming Preferences

In terms of price performance, the console, computer and online environments, eveyone can choose different ways. It’s all about meeting personal expectations. If you want to play games from Playstation Studios, you will turn to Playsation. If you want to reach hundreds of games with the Gamepass structure, you will turn to PC or Xbox series consoles. Do you like Super Mario and Nintendo games, than you should choose Switch. If you say you’re going to be a cloud player regardless of hardware, you need to move on with the Geforcenow platform, Xcloud or Stadia. The initial investment costs of each gaming harware and the continuity costs for you to continue afterwards are completely different. You on one side of the scale and your preferences on the other. It’s up to you to make your choice properly and capture the price performance.


Accounting Methods, Reporting Standards

As a result of the transactions that are in your company each month, it is necessary to obtain meaningful data by providing the final form of your transactions reflected in the accounting section in the form of numbers. Depending on who will benefit from the data obtained, there can be different preparation methods. What are Accounting Methods and Reporting Standards, let’s examine together.

Accounting Methods

Whoever is going to read the financial data is usually the standards set by them and this data is prepared according to their wishes. Different specializations in finance and accounting are formed in these details. Some areas can be: management accounting, cost accounting, receivables accounting, tax accounting, financial accounting.

Reporting Standards

Standards may vary depending on the country in which they are studied, such as GAAP, TFRS,

There are tax-oriented reporting standards, such as a uniform account plan, as well as CMB reporting standards for capital markets. You will have the opportunity to examine them in detail in other articles.

Boss Accounting

Most importantly, there’s boss accounting. That’s always on your boss’s mind. In the form of a grocery account, we sold this price at this price, so much tax, on the due date, with the money coming from there, it takes this, etc… he keeps turning the fox’s tails around so that they don’t touch each other in the head. If there’s a mistake, he just pastes it, says, “Hoop friend, it’s got to be here,” but there’s something he’s forgotten, and he comes in there, and you say, “There’s something that’s going to happen, but there’s something that he doesn’t tell you, and then the plan changes. The joke aside, it may be the part that fits most of us’ lives, but what’s important is that you have someone consulting or someone with you where expertise isn’t enough.

Financial Literacy

It may not be easy to get out of the numbers, but there’s no need to be afraid. With a little financial literacy, you can get out of the numbers that are growing in your eyes like a mountain. One of the essential requirements when entering a business is financial literacy. Most people can’t keep up the bill, so they have to shut down. It is essential to acquire competencies such as our own personal development and the ability to make sense of the reports that come our way.

If financial literacy is not acquired, you will find that your pockets are most affected. A lot of people don’t give their bills to their accountant properly, but they expect the right results from their accounting, and there’s a lot of people who make the mistake of always focusing on the sale.

A few recommendations

What you need to do;

  • Earn Financial Literacy, develop it personally.
  • Make feasibility when you start work, don’t get away with it without seeing the stream.
  • You can’t know everything, you have financial and legal counsel.

What you shouldn’t do;

  • doing things in the head of the grocery account
  • Not to consult anyone when you say I know everything.
  • Living and saying we’ll see and doing unplanned work

I hope you enjoyed my article on Accounting Methods and Reporting Standards.

Management of board of Directors

What is the Board of Directors?

The board of directors is a board of people who manage an institution with a common mind. The powers, duties and responsibilities of the board of directors are determined by legal regulations and by the internal statutes of the institutions themselves.

In this context, let’s examine the board structure in joint stock companies, which is the most commercial for-profit organization structure that we encounter most in our commercial life.

Board of Directors of Joint Stock Companies

Article 359 of the Turkish Commercial Code no. 6102, which is legally the head of the governing body of joint stock companies, is the first of its kind. Article 1. in the paragraph; “the joint stock company has a board of directors consisting of one or more persons appointed by the original contract or elected by the general assembly.”

I – Appointment and selection

1. Number and qualifications of members

ARTICLE 359- (1) The joint stock company has a board of directors consisting of one or more persons appointed by the original contract or elected by the general assembly. (Mülga last sentence: 26/6/2012-6335/42 md.) (…)

(2) If a legal person is elected as a member of the board of directors, only one real person, as determined by the legal entity on behalf of the legal entity, shall be registered and declared together with the legal entity; furthermore, the registration and announcement is immediately disclosed on the company’s website. On behalf of the legal entity, only this registered person can attend meetings and vote.

(3) The members of the Board of Directors and the real person to be registered on behalf of the legal entity must be fully qualified. (Mülga second and third sentence: 26/6/2012-6335/42 md.)

(4) The reasons for terminating membership are also prevented from being elected.

2. Representation of certain groups on the board of directors

ARTICLE 360- (1) Provided that it is foreseen in the original contract, certain share groups may be granted the right to be represented on the board of directors of the shareholders and the minority, who form a specific group with their characteristics and qualifications. For this purpose, the right to propose candidates for board membership may be granted in the original contract, as can be foreseen in the original contract in which the members of the board of directors will be selected from among the shareholders, certain share groups and minorities that constitute a particular group.

The candidate proposed by the General Assembly for the membership of the board of directors or the candidate belonging to the group and the minority where the right is recognized must be elected as a member unless there is a justcause. The right to be recognized in this way shall not exceed half the number of board members in publicly traded joint stock companies. Arrangements for independent board members are reserved.

(2) The shares granted the right to be represented in the board of directors in accordance with this article shall be deemed privileged.

3. Insurance

ARTICLE 361- (1) If the losses that the members of the Board of Directors may inflict on the company for defects in performing their duties are insured at a price exceeding twenty-five percent of the company’s capital and the company is thus guaranteed, this issue is open to the public. the capital markets board of companies, as well as the stock exchange is traded in the bulletin of the stock exchange and is taken into account in the evaluation of compliance with corporate governance principles.

4. Tenure

ARTICLE 362- (1) Members of the Board of Directors are elected to serve for a maximum of three years. If there is no contrary provision in the original contract, the same person may be re-elected.

(2) Article 334 is reserved.

II – Membership vacancy

Article 363- (1) If a membership is vacant for any reason, with the provision of Article 334 reserved, the board of directors shall temporarily elect a member of the board of directors and submit it to the approval of the first general assembly. The member elected in this way shall serve until the plenary session where it is submitted for approval and, if approved, completes the term of his predecessor.

(2) If a member of the Board of Directors is declared bankrupt or his or her license is restricted, or if a member loses the legal requirements for membership or the qualifications stipulated in the original contract, his membership shall be it ends spontaneously.

III – Dismissal

ARTICLE 364- (1) Members of the Board of Directors may be dismissed at any time by the decision of the general assembly, even if they are appointed by the original contract, in the presence of a relevant article on the agenda or if there is a justcause, even if there is no item on the agenda. The legal entity, which is a member of the board of directors, may change the person registered in his or her name at any time.

(2) Article 334 and the right of compensation of the deposed member are reserved.

Management and Representation in Joint Stock Companies

The joint stock company is managed and represented by the board of directors.

I-Task distribution

1-President and Vice President

ARTICLE 366- The Board of Directors elects a chairman from among its members each year and at least one deputy chairman to act as its deputy when it is not present. In the original contract, the election of the president and the vice-president, or one of them, by the general assembly can be foreseen.

2-Committees, Commissions

(2) The Board of Directors may establish committees and commissions, including members of the board of directors, for the purpose of monitoring the progress of the works, preparing reports on the subjects to be presented to them, implementing their decisions or auditing internally.

3-Transfer of Management, Internal Guidelines

ARTICLE 367- (1) The Board of Directors may be authorized to transfer management, in whole or in part, to one or more board members or third parties, in accordance with an internal directive to be put into the original contract. This internal directive regulates the management of the company; the tasks, definitions, locations required for this, specifically determine who depends on whom and who is responsible for providing information. The Board of Directors informs its shareholders and creditors who convincingly demonstrate their interests worth protecting in writing about this internal directive.

(2) The management belongs to all members of the board of directors, unless transferred.

4. Commercial agents and regents

ARTICLE 368- (1) The Board of Directors may appoint commercial representatives and commercial representatives.

5. Obligation of care and commitment

ARTICLE 369- (1) The members of the Board of Directors and the third persons in charge of management are obliged to carry out their duties with the care of a discreet manager and to observe the company’s interests in accordance with the rules of honesty.

(2) The provisions of Article 203 to 205 are reserved.

Ii. Authority of representation

1. General

1. If the original contract does not otherwise foresee or the board consists of a single person, the authority to represent belongs to the board of directors for use with double signatures.

(2) The Board of Directors may delegate the authority of representation to one or more executive members or to third parties as directors. It is imperative that at least one board member has the authority to represent.

2. Scope and limits

ARTICLE 371- (1) Those authorized to represent may carry out any business and legal proceedings that fall within the scope of the company’s purpose and business, on behalf of the company, and may use the company title for this purpose. The company reserves the right of retribution for transactions contrary to the law and the original contract.

(2) The transactions made by those authorized to represent with third parties outside the subject of the business also bind the company; it turns out that the third party knows that the transaction is outside the business subject, or that the situation is in a position to know. The fact that the company’s original contract has been announced is not sufficient evidence in itself, in terms of proof of this point.

(3) The limitation of the authority of representation shall not constitute a provision against third parties with good will; however, registration and declared limitations apply to the registration and contingent of the representation authority that is specific to or used in the works of the centre or a branch office.

(4) The fact that the transaction made by the persons authorized to represent is contrary to the original contract or the decision of the general assembly does not prevent third parties of goodwill from applying to the company for that transaction.

(5) The company is responsible for the torts committed by those authorized to represent or manage while performing their duties. The company reserves the right to remedy.

(6) At the time of the conclusion of the contract, the validity of the contract between this shareholder and the company in the joint stock companies with a single shareholder, whether or not the company is represented or not, depends on the written execution of the contract. This requirement does not apply to contracts for daily, insignificant and ordinary transactions according to market conditions.

3. signature shape

ARTICLE 372- (1) Persons authorized to sign on behalf of the Company shall sign under the title of the company. The provision of the second paragraph of article 40 is reserved.

(2) The documents to be issued by the Company show the company’s headquarters, the location of the register and the registration number.

4. Registration and announcement

ARTICLE 373- (1) The Board of Directors shall submit a notarized version of its decision, which shows the persons authorized to represent and the forms of representation thereof, to the trade register for registration and announcement.

(2) After the registration of the authority of representation in the trade register, any legal disability relating to the selection or appointment of the persons concerned shall be provided by the company to third parties, but only if the disability is proven to be known to them. Spread.

III – Tasks and powers

1. In general

ARTICLE 374- (1) The Board of Directors and the management in the field left to it, except those left in the authority of the general assembly in accordance with the law and the original contract, shall be subject to all kinds of business and transactions necessary for the realization of the company’s business is authorized to make decisions.

2. Non-transferable duties and powers

ARTICLE 375- (1) The non-transferable and indispensable duties and powers of the Board of Directors are as follows:

  • a) The management of the Company at the high estuary and the issuance of instructions on them.
  • b) Determination of the company’s governing body.
  • c) Accounting, financial audit and the company’s to the extent required by the management, the establishment of the necessary order for financial planning.
  • d) The appointment and dismissal of directors and persons with the same function and those authorized to sign.
  • e) The persons in charge of the management, in particular the laws, oversight of whether they are acting in accordance with the contract, internal guidelines and written instructions of the board of directors.
  • f) Pay, holding the board decision and general assembly meeting and negotiation books, annual activity report and corporate governance arrangement of the statement and presentation to the general assembly, preparation of general assembly meetings and execution of the general assembly decisions.
  • g) Notification to the court in the presence of debt inship status.
3. Loss of capital, debt-sinking
a) Call and notification load

ARTICLE 376- (1) If it is found from the last annual balance sheet that half of the sum of capital and statutory reserve slips are unrequited due to losses, the board of directors calls the general assembly to the meeting immediately and presents the remedial measures it deems appropriate to this general assembly.

(2) According to the last annual balance sheet, if it is understood that two-thirds of the sum of capital and statutory reserves is unrequited due to losses, the company will automatically terminate unless the general assembly called to the meeting is satisfied with one third of the capital or decides to complete the capital.

(3) (Varied: 26/6/2012-6335/16 md.) If there are signs that the company is in a debt-to-debt state, the board of directors will issue an interim balance sheet on the basis of the continuity of the assets and on the possible sale prices. If it is understood from this balance sheet that the assets are not sufficient to cover the receivables of the company’s creditors, the board of directors shall inform the small business court where the company’s headquarters are located and request the bankruptcy of the company.

It turns out that before the bankruptcy decision was made, the creditors of the company’s debts, which would cover the company’s deficit and eliminate the debt-riding status, would be placed in the next order of the creditors in the order of their receivables. have been accepted in writing and the validity, authenticity and validity of this statement or contract shall be verified by the court-appointed experts to which the bankruptcy request will be declared by the board of directors. Otherwise, the application made to the court for an expert examination shall be accepted as a bankruptcy notice.

b) postponement of bankruptcy

ARTICLE 377- (1) The Board of Directors or any creditor may request a postponement of bankruptcy by submitting to the court an improvement project showing objective and real resources and measures, including the introduction of new cash capital. In this case, articles 179 to 179/b of the Code of Execution and Bankruptcy shall apply.

4. Early detection and management of risk

ARTICLE 378- (1) In companies whose shares are traded on the stock exchange, the board of directors shall be able to identify the company’s existence, development and continuation of the early identification of the causes, the necessary measures and remedies and to manage the risk, it is obligated to establish a committee, run and develop the system. In other companies, this committee is established immediately if the auditor deems it necessary and informs the board of directors in writing and submits its first report at the end of a month following its establi
shment. (2) The Committee evaluates the situation in its report to the board of directors every two months, indicates the dangers, if any, and shows remedies. The report is also sent to the auditor.

5. The company accepts its shares as acquisitions or pledges
a) In general

ARTICLE 379- (1) A company shall not accept its shares as acquisitions and pledges in excess of one-tenth of its principal or issued capital or in excess of a transaction. This provision also applies to shares that a third party accepts on its behalf, but only as a acquisition or pledge to the company account.

(2) In order for the shares to be accepted as acquisitions or pledges in accordance with the provision of the first paragraph, the general assembly must authorize the board of directors. In this authority, which will be valid for a maximum of five years, the upper and lower limit of the price payable to the shares to be paid with the total prestige values of the shares to be considered as acquisitions or pledges is specified by specifying the number of prestige. In each permit request, the board of directors states that the legal requirements have been met.

(3) In addition to the terms of the first and second paragraphs, after deducting the costs of the shares to be acquired, the remaining company net asset, the sum of the remaining capital, at least principal or issued capital and reserve stakes not permitted to be distributed in accordance with the law and the original contract should be up to.

(4) In accordance with the foregoing provisions, only shares whose fees have been paid may be acquired.

(5) The provisions contained in the above paragraphs shall also apply in the event of the acquisition of the shares of the parent company by the puppy company. About companies whose share stakes are traded on the stock exchange, the Capital Markets Board makes the necessary arrangements in terms of transparency principles and rules regarding price.

b) Cheating against the law

ARTICLE 380- (1) For the purpose of acquiring shares, the company’s legal proceedings with another person, subject to advance, loan or collateral, are superstitious. This butlan provision shall apply to transactions involved in the business matters of credit and financial institutions and to the legal proceedings relating to the issuance of advances, loans and guarantees to employees of the company or its affiliates in order to acquire the shares of the company. Apply. However, these exceptional transactions reduce the reserve stakes that the company has to allocate according to the law and its original contract, or violate the rules regarding the expenditure of reserve slips issued in Article 519, and it is invalid if it does not allow it to separate the reserve.

(2) Furthermore, the company and the third party have been made between the company and the third party, and the company’s shares; an arrangement that gives the right to take into account the company in which the company, a company or company owns the majority of its shares, or foresees such an obligation, if the company had taken these shares, the transaction would have been considered contrary to Article 379. It’s superstitious.

c) Preventing a near and serious loss

ARTICLE 381- (1) If necessary to avoid a close and serious loss, a company may acquire its shares without the decision of the general assembly on authorisation in accordance with Article 379.

(2) In the event of the acquisition of shares in this way, the board of directors shall be entitled to the first general assembly;

  • a) the reason and purpose of the acquisition,
  • b) the number of the shares acquired, the sum of their prestige and how much of the capital it represents,
  • c) written information about the price and payment terms, Gives.
d) exceptions

ARTICLE 382- (1) If a company is enforcing the provisions of Article 473 to
475 regarding the reduction of its principal or issued capital, without being bound by the provisions of Article 379;

  • a) if it is required by the Rule of Cumulative succession,
  • b) from a statutory purchase burden
  • c) If all of the fees are paid and are for the purpose of collecting a company’s receivable from the executor,
  • d) the Company may acquire its shares if it is a securities company.
e) Modest acquisition

ARTICLE 383- (1) A company may acquire its shares without prepree, provided that all of its costs have been paid. (2) The provision
of the first paragraph shall also be applied by comparison if the baby company acquires the shares of the parent company without any modesty.

f) Disposal

Article 384- (1) According to the provisions of article 382 (b) to (d) and article 383, the acquired shares shall be disposed of within three years of their acquisition, as soon as their transfer is possible without causing any loss for the company; As it turns out, the sum of these shares owned by the company and the baby company should not exceed ten percent of the company’s principal or issued capital.

g) Disposal in the case of contrary acquisition

ARTICLE 385- (1) Shares acquired or taken as hostages in contravention of articles 379 to 381 shall be disposed of or held hostage no later than six months from the date of their acquisition or acceptance as hostages.

h) Reduction of capital

Article 386- (1) Shares that cannot be disposed of in accordance with articles 384 and 385 shall be immediately destroyed by the reduction of capital.i) The reserved provisions ARTICLE 387- (1) The provisions of other laws concerning the acquisition of the Company’s shares are reserved.

i) Prohibition of committing their shares

ARTICLE 388- (1) The Company cannot undertake its shares.

(2) The third party or a puppy company’s commitment to the company’s share in its own name but to the company’s account shall be deemed to be the company’s own share.

(3) In the event of a violation of the first and second paragraphs, the founders of such shares shall be deemed to have committed the shares in the capital increases and they shall be responsible for the share prices. Founders who prove that they have no flaws in unlawful commitment and board members are relieved of responsibility for capital increases.

(4) The provisions of the first and third paragraphs shall apply in comparison to the young companies that undertake the shares of the parent company. These shares are considered to have been committed by the board members of the puppy company. Members are responsible for the share price.

j) Exercise of rights

ARTICLE 389- (1) The shares of the parent company acquired by the baby company with its own shares acquired by the Company are not taken into account in calculating the meeting rate of the general assembly of the parent company. Except for the acquisition of free shares, the company’s own shares inherited do not give any share ownership rights. Voting rights for the parent company shares acquired by the young company and the rights associated with it are frozen.

This artcile shows how board of directors is shaped and what responsibilities they have got. Also showing represantation way of board to outside of company. At this link you can learn how decisions can be taken by board in detail;

Cloud Storage Solutions

If you’re having trouble having space on your computer or mobile phone, it’s a good idea to read my blog. When you say pictures, office application files, there’s no room for setting up a new app. We’ll focus on a few different cloud storage solutions and features.

Solution 1:Google Photos

Google Photos Logo

Back up to 16MP and 1080p HD photos and videos unlimited and free of charge. You can access these photos and videos from any phone, tablet, or computer by going to you can store up to 15gb of free photos and videos in their original form with google drive integration.

Google Photo example

In addition to free storage, Google’s technological infrastructure is also evident here. If you want to see photos taken in the sea view thanks to advanced search, just type the sea instead of the call. He already sorts photos by person and gives you access to whoever you want in your archive. It allows you to reach your desired date quickly with the timeline. The google assistant can also prepare beautiful surprises from your memories by adding music to collages itself. It’s a nice alternative that you get a chance to edit photos.

You can access it on the web, tablet and mobile.

Solution 2:Google Drive

Google Drive Logo

Google Drive is a file backup solution. two versions are available; individually and commercially.

Drive versions

You can access the product from both the computer and the mobile app. All your files are always at hand and are easy to share, providing great comfort. At the same time, you’re getting cloud redundancy, so you’re not worried about anything coming to your hardware.

One of my favorite features is that you can easily share large files. You can only share a file of gb size by giving a link. If you want to share, as anyone can see it, or the people you authorize your email to see.

Solution 3:One Drive

Microsoft’s cloud storage solution One Drive is a solution that you can buy as a separate service, which is sold in packages along with Microsoft Office applications.

One Drive Individual

One drive offers 5gb of free membership, while 100gb costs USD 1.99 per month. When taken with Microsoft office products, you can achieve a greater volume, more economical and space-

One drive individual plans

Many universities collaborate with Microsoft to get their students to use microsoft products for free, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity if you are a student. Considering that there are 2.7 million Anatolian university students (including open education) in our country, it is necessary to take advantage of these opportunities provided by universities. You can also gain the advantage of many online memberships with your edu mail address.

Solution 4:Box

Box, which comes across as a content management application. In this business, he emphasizes himself with his solutions for the business world. For companies that generate large amounts of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning extracts data from your data so that you can sort it out of your data.

Box capabilities

It also has a product for workflow and process automation.

The price tariff is as on this table in the individual:

Box individual plan

The business plan is as follows:

Box business plan

Link for more detailed pricing:

Solution 5:Amazon Drive

Amazon has now established a large internet ecosystem, one of the largest storage providers in the internet world. Prime membership offers many services under the umbrella of reaching many people. With prime membership only, it provides unlimited storage for your photos and 5gb of space for videos. Other paid memberships include:

Solution 6:Mega

Megaupload is the company that continues to store under the name mega after the old initiative. Since new Zealand is also resident, .nz uses the domain name. It offers 50gb of free storage.

mega storage page

Solution 7:Lifebox

Turkcell is creating a service economy by developing its services as operators. Lifebox is one of those services. Although it defines a free package of 5GB standard to its users. We see that other foreign technology giants add features as well as extra features. When you look at the price plans, more advantageous prices are observed. You can’t see membership packages without being a member.

Lifecell price plan!/welcome

As well as companies offering them as stand-up services, it’s up to you to find the most useful in cloud storage solutions that are offered as a side service in an ecosystem.

I hope you like my writing on cloud storage solutions. By sharing the article, you can enable more people to benefit from the information. See you in my other writings.







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