2022 HR agenda for the business world

In this article, we will examine the issues that should be included in the 2022 HR agenda of the business world for 2022. It seems that 2022 will continue to be a year in which the effects of the pandemic will still continue. We are going through a period in which there are significant increases in supply chains and raw material costs.

Inflation rates all over the world began to increase compared to previous years. Under these conditions, let’s examine the 2022 HR agendas of companies under the following items.

1. Business and working model

Companies should continue to make their business and working models independent of space as much as opportunities allow. Continuity and sustainability will continue to be the most important concepts of companies on the agenda.

2. HR and digitalization

The technological infrastructure of companies will continue to occupy an important place in the HR agenda. In the digitalization roadmap, reaching the capacities that will allow employees to do business from anywhere and transferring their processes to digital will continue to be on the agenda. Of course, this whole digitalization adventure is not something that happens by itself. It is very important to create qualified personnel to make the right investment, right purchase and transactions. There are many projects that have been started and remain idle.

3. Goverment regulations

Government regulations that require close monitoring will continue to have an important place. Titles such as incentives, working conditions regulations, occupational health and safety will continue to be followed closely.

4. Salary determination

Rapid increases in inflation will quickly change the equations in the labor market. It will be difficult to retain qualified personnel. Personnel who cannot achieve the expected salary increase in the same place will try to change jobs. An active year awaits HR departments. Strategies that have not been developed before should be tried on many issues such as employee loyalty, training, preservation of corporate memory, and new personnel recruitment costs.

5. Management of fringe benefits

The management of rights such as meal card arrangements, roadside assistance, BES, life insurance, private health insurance and company vehicles will continue to occupy an important place in the HR agenda. Managing strategic tools is crucial to retaining existing staff and attracting new recruits.

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