Clues for making best HR policies

Human resources (HR) policies govern all processes related to hiring, managing, and staffing in a company. A good HR policy specifies how employees are hired, trained, evaluated, and terminated in certain situations. However, creating and implementing a perfect HR policy is complex. Therefore, here are some tips with examples from HR policies of successful companies around the world:

Clues for making best HR policies
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Clues for making best HR policies

Google: Encouraging Employees’ Skills and Creativity

Google is a giant in the technology industry and is also considered one of the companies with the best HR policies in the world. In developing its HR policy, Google implements the “20% Rule” to encourage employee creativity and innovation. This rule allows Google employees to spend 20% of their time working on personal projects. This policy has both increased employee motivation and helped the company to develop popular products such as Gmail and AdSense.

Microsoft: Continuous Learning and Development

Microsoft adopts an HR policy that encourages continuous learning and personal development. It offers employees a variety of training opportunities and career development programs. This policy helps employees to maximize their skills and helps the company to stay competitive in the rapidly changing technology world.

Netflix: Transparency and Accountability

Netflix’s HR policy emphasizes transparency and accountability. Netflix offers employees unlimited vacation time, but it expects this privilege to be used in conjunction with meeting the requirements of the job. Netflix also creates a performance-based work environment and gives employees the flexibility they need to do their best work.

Unilever: Diversity and Inclusion

Unilever is a leader in diversity and inclusion around the world. It encourages diversity among different cultures, genders, ages, and abilities, and this diversity helps the company to succeed in the global market. Unilever’s HR policy emphasizes that all employees have equal opportunities and that everyone is valued.

There are many lessons to be learned from the HR policies of large companies. Making employees feel valued, encouraging their skills and creativity, providing opportunities for continuous learning and development, emphasizing transparency and accountability, and encouraging diversity and inclusion are all key elements in creating a solid HR policy that will improve the success of any company.


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Ekrem Duman

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