6 Hidden Tools You Need to Know About Facebook Marketing

If you’re new to Facebook marketing, it can be hard to know where to start. Between paid advertising and creating engaging content, there are a lot of options to choose from – but not all of them are equally effective or necessary. To help you get started with your Facebook marketing strategy, here are six hidden tools that can boost your results and save you time along the way.

1)Unfollow people who don’t follow you back

Here’s the most underrated tool on Facebook that only power users know about. Most people don’t know it exists, but you can use this feature by going to Tools in the drop-down menu next to your profile name, and choosing Followers. When you get there, you’ll see a list of every person who is following you (this list will be empty if nobody follows you). And next to each name is an unfollow button.

2) Boost posts before they go live

One of the latest hidden gems for facebook marketing is Facebook Boosts, which allows you to pay a small fee (starting at $5) in order to have your post go out on everyone’s newsfeed. The more posts you boost and the bigger the boost amount, the more Facebook’s algorithm will learn about your business and help it gain traction.

3) Run an event on Facebook

The first step is uploading an event image, which will appear in the Events and Birthdays section of your profile for friends to see. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, so you want to make sure you use a relevant event picture that gets people interested. For example, this holiday season I created an event page and used a photo of one of my packages I was sending out as the background image. The next step is choosing the location for your event on Facebook. The easiest way is adding it as an address when setting up your Page instead of going through their separate Events page.

4) Use Audience Insights

Most marketers know that Facebook offers advanced targeting options for advertising campaigns, but not everyone is familiar with some of the lesser-known features. With just a few simple changes, you can add a ton of valuable data to your marketing strategy. Audience Insights are one of those features; and by connecting your ads to this tool, you can learn all sorts of information about the people who visit your page and connect with your content. It will show you demographic details such as age, gender, location, language preference and more. It will also show you how many people have interacted with your posts on an hourly basis over the past 28 days.

5) Use Data Dashboard:

Another helpful feature that most advertisers don’t know about is the Data Dashboard. The dashboard helps track which posts on your timeline were liked or commented on most often so you can get a better sense of what resonates best with your audience members (and it does it in real time). Plus, using this tool gives you access to detailed demographic info like job title and industry so you’ll be able to see which industry groups are interacting with your posts most often and what types of industries they work in.

6) Check out what’s happening in your News Feed:

You may think you know everything there is to know about Facebook and its hidden tools, but did you know that there’s actually a News Feed tab? If you click this tab, it’ll bring up every post from across the network from news articles to political debates to pictures of cats – organized into various topics. Once you’re viewing these different topics, scroll down through them until you find something that interests you then click on See More below the post to follow along with any related discussions taking place. Preview Related Posts Before Posting: To ensure that each post has maximum impact on followers’ News Feeds and gets lots of likes/comments/shares, make sure to preview related posts before posting.

Facebook marketing quick tips

  • Facebook Pages Manager helps you schedule posts, track reach and message subscribers from one place.
  • With Live Events on Facebook, it’s easier than ever to share photos and videos from your business in real time. –
  • Reach more people with the new Sponsored Ads feature which makes it easy to promote your business, promote a post or find new followers.
  • The most exciting new tool is Reactions; Facebook users can now react to any post by tapping the Like button, plus choose from four additional emotions (Love, Haha, Wow and Sad).

J Sep 2022


Ekrem Duman

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